Correction Policy

At Sarkari News Alert, we strive to deliver accurate and reliable information to our readers. However, even with our best efforts, mistakes can occur. We are committed to transparency and correcting any errors promptly and effectively. This Correction Policy outlines how we handle inaccuracies in our published content.

Types of Corrections:

This policy applies to correcting the following:

  • Factual errors: Any demonstrably incorrect statements, figures, or information.
  • Misrepresented information: Cases where information is presented out of context or inaccurately reflects events or statements.
  • Attribution errors: Incorrectly credited sources or authorship.
  • Outdated information: Information that is no longer accurate due to subsequent developments.
  • Grammatical or typographical errors: Mistakes in spelling, punctuation, or syntax that impact clarity.

Reporting Errors:

Readers are encouraged to report potential errors by contacting us through the following methods:

Please provide clear and specific details about the perceived error, including the article title, date of publication, and the relevant section with the inaccuracy.

Correction Process:

  • Upon receiving a report, the editorial team will promptly investigate the issue.
  • If an error is verified, the correction will be implemented as follows:
    • For minor errors, the correction will be made directly to the online article with a clear note acknowledging the change.
    • For significant errors, a dedicated correction notice will be published alongside the original article explaining the error and the implemented correction.
    • Social media channels will be used to inform readers of the correction, particularly for highly shared or impactful articles.
  • We will inform the reporter of the outcome of their submission and the implemented correction.

Transparency and Accountability:

  • We maintain a dedicated “Corrections” page on our website, listing all published corrections with clear information about the error, date of correction, and implemented measures.
  • We are committed to transparency and openly acknowledge our mistakes. We believe corrections are an essential part of maintaining reader trust and upholding journalistic integrity.

Continuous Improvement:

We regularly review our editorial and fact-checking procedures to minimize errors and improve the accuracy of our reporting. We encourage feedback from readers and value their contribution to maintaining the highest standards of journalistic ethics.

This Correction Policy reflects our commitment to providing trustworthy and reliable news to our readers. We understand that errors can occur, but we are dedicated to promptly addressing them and demonstrating transparency and accountability.

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